New Products: Liquid Soap!

I like hard soap bars for my shower and bathtub but I love liquid soap for my facial washing (although many of my friends love liquid soap for their shower/bath times as well). I made three kinds of liquid soap that are fit for face and body but I did formulate the blends to focus on one or multiple parts of the body depending on your needs

Tam Thyme Liquid Soaps - Unscented, Rosey Soap, Citrusy Soap

Rosey Liquid Soap

My absolute favorite liquid soap - especially for facial washing! I was inspired from a rather expensive rose facial wash I used to use to craft my own more affordable version. The essential elements are organic dried Rose and Rosemary hydrosols - it gives this liquid soap such a silky, velvety feel on your hands and face! Rose and Rosemary herbs have natural anti-inflammatory components - reducing redness.  There is also Rosemary Essential Oil for an aromatic and invigorating experience, especially when waking up in the morning.

Citrusy Soap

Citrusy Liquid Soap

Just like you start out your day with a glass of orange juice, why not wake up your body with citrusy liquid soap? This soap is a wonderful blend of quintessential citrus elements including lemon and orange peel hydrosols and an organic citrus inspired fragrance. Lovely scent without the acidic after-feel.

Unscented Liquid Soap

Unscented liquid soap

This unscented liquid soap is thicker than the other liquid soaps because where it lacks in hydrosols or fragrance, it makes up for in a wonderful oil base of Geranium, Lemon Grass, Sage, Chamomile, and Lavender extracts - all complete with beneficial properties to help your skin - from face to body.