Guest Blogger: The Inversion Method - A Love Story in 4 Acts

I tried the infamous inversion method and my dear friend Tamar convinced me that some people out there might want to read about my experience. Hark! Leteth me be thy muse:

My hair normally

Opening Act

This technique to accelerate hair growth is fairly simple: Massage your scalp with oil with your head upside down, do that every day for a week before going to bed. Refer to your favorite Social Media to find reports about hair growth of 1 – 3 inches a week. 3 inches sounds worth the hassle, right? The problem is: I had tried this before (exactly one year ago) and ended up having pimples on my scalp after day 4. Now I don’t know about you, but pimply scalp is a deal-breaker. Spoiler alert: This time I did the full week and no pimples AND my hair has actually grown. Here’s what I did then, and what I did differently this time:

The Tragedy

I heated virgin olive oil (since the blogger whose instructions I followed used that too) and breastfed it to my scalp with an applicator bottle. I sat on the side of my bed, head between the knees, massaged the oil into my scalp for 4 minutes, put on a knit hat and lay in my bed to sleep. Next day I would wash it out with shampoo/conditioner (no other way to get that mess off your scalp). Yucky pimples, dagger meets heart.

The Climax

Retarding Torque. I rubbed chunks of virgin coconut oil between my palms until liquid, massaged the oil onto my scalp for 10 minutes, put on a knit hat and lay in my bed. I did that every night from March 19 – 26, and washed it out with shampoo and conditioner the next day.

Catharsis & Happy Ending

What I think I did wrong the first time is the olive oil. I think it was too heavy and just clogged up the pores. Coconut oil seems a lot lighter so it might be better suited to leave on the scalp overnight. Also, I might have used too much olive oil at once as I filled the applicator with 20 ml and always used most of it. 20 ml doesn’t sound like a lot, but it felt like a lot. Since the oil is spread over the scalp by massaging, 10 ml might have done the job, too. Without the applicator, you can’t “overdose” that easily. I also find the smell of coconut oil way more agreeable. With that smell of olive oil, I felt like sleeping behind the counter of a Greek deli store. 

TOP: Before 7 inversion sessions; BOTTOM: After

I find the hair growth apparent and astonishing, but see for yourself – and let me know what you think. (As I have curly/wavy hair, the only way to make the change clearly visible, was by comparing my hair in a wet, thoroughly combed state)