Weave Chronicles Day 25: Swimming in Freetress Gogo Curl Crochet Braids

synchronized swimming black girl

Ok so I lied. I can't help myself. Why did I think I was not going to try out these Freetress Gogo Curl crochet braids in some pool water? I mean I love swimming for one, but then again I really like experimenting with the life cycle of different crochet braids stylesAt first, I was concerned that the Gogo curl is a lot looser than the Freetress Bohemian Hair and therefore more likely to maybe tangle after swimming in them. Far from the case.

Post-swimming crochet braids

So nothing changed...to my great relief. I was expecting once I took off my lycra swim cap (high recommend for women swimming with textured hair) that it would be a big tangly mess. Instead I just went straight to the shower and used an applicator bottle with some EDTA ingredient based shampoo and water and gently washed my hair. After applying some conditioner I wrapped it up in a shirt (my knock off version from using a microfiber towel) to soak up the excess water and after 20 minutes I took a picture of myself in the car to see the results.

I have to say I was really pleased at the non-restrictiveness of crochet braids styles in terms of my daily physical activities. Especially since I am a swimmer and synchronized swimmer I am glad this is a style I can continually return to and rely on to not interfere with my water activities.