Weave Chronicles Day 28: Long Freetress Deep Twist Crochet Braids Maintenance

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As I said before, about a week ago (Day 21), Long Freetress Deep Twist Crochet Braids are surprisingly low maintenance in comparison to the Freetress Bohemian Crochet Braids. It is almost confounding! With the Bohemian Crochet Braid maintenance, I was like combing through my hair getting rid of the matted clumps of synthetic hair every morning and throughout the day I would just cut some of the straggly pieces hanging around. I was so convinced that if the tighter curl version in the form of Bohemian and even the Gogo Curl Crochet Braids could do this I was going to be having so much trouble with the looser curl Deep Twist...and that's totally not the case! I normally finger comb through the hair every three to four days in the morning to make sure it is not too tangled and to make sure it has movement when the wind blows through it (so its not like a giant clump). Even when I do this I sometimes don't need to cut anything out and I just apply some Edge Control to my baby hairs and go about my merry day. This was the case for me for the first two weeks of wearing this style

By the third week I had to do some more extended upkeep maintenance. The hair itself started to become less voluminous and revert back to the curl pattern looking like it came right out of the package. So I decided to apply some of the Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion (which I use to refresh all of my crochet braids styles) and used a paddle brush to bring the volume back and further separate the tendrils. The results are instantaneous. Check out the add volume to one side of the hair and the uncombed parts that are stuck together on the other side.

Combed out Deep Twist Hair

Combed out Deep Twist Hair

In addition I had to crochet a few more pieces of Deep Twist hair to the side part and back (mostly because the combing slides the knotted hair down). Since then I have not had to add anymore hair, but after awhile of combing this hair out every three days, the hair started to feel tacky and hard (even though it's synthetic) so I decided to take the chance and shampoo it.

Using the cheapest shampoo and conditioner I had lying around, I just washed the hair itself over a sink without getting my cornrows wet. I made sure to wash the hair, finger combing it through instead of doing like an aggressive wash that could further tangle the hair. I also washed my edges/baby hairs because of the build up from all that edge control product. I have to say after washing the hair and applying some random leave in conditioner I had lying around greatly improved the movement and feeling to the hair. I at least think I can go one more week (till thanksgiving) then I am going to chop it off to see if I can wear it in a short style for a few days (also my way of practicing my cutting skills without being mad at my mistakes after since I am taking it out soon). Glad it has lasted this long, might even take it for a swim if I really want to give it a water test.