Weave Chronicles: Day 35

Has it been a little over a month already??! Feels like 6 months! Can't say my lazy butt has missed combing out my hair every two weeks with coconut and avocado oils, BUT I sometimes wish for my old big hair, poof and all! Nonetheless, two weeks ago I accomplished my life long goal of getting a short hair cut and wa-lah!

I am happy with it. Sometimes I wish I could mousse it up and do a cool cockatoo hairstyle or maybe some halle berry stylization but how you see it pretty much what it is 24/7. I have to say, extra short hair ranks #1 when going to the gym because...you just go! No more forgetting your hair tie at home and/or dealing with hair brushing around on your sweaty face! Dries pretty fast too, even for a weave. I quickly blow dry the back and front and within two minutes the hair has dried (tracks are probably still damp though).

I also washed it last weekend and even though it is not as beach wavy as when the weave was shoulder length, it still has its charm

But sometimes I feel like I look like a character fromย Scott Pilgrim Saves the Worldย lol