Weave Chronicles: Day 42 - Do they know?

As I have settled into rocking a weave, I sometimes wonder in various situations...do they know I am wearing a weave?! This odd paranoia bordering my own curiosity about people's thoughts comes out in various situations. Situation 1: At club talking to a guy. His eyes are constantly wondering to the top of my head. At first I think maybe he is admiring the awesome short bowl cut I have, but then I break into a sweaty, uncomfortably fear - he is gonna find out I have a weave! *yelp* quick, run into the darker recesses of the club!

Situation 2: In the gym locker room while I peel the sweaty clothes off my body, ruffling my hair in the process. I take the blow dryer to dry out the front and back parts. I catch a side-eye from an octogenarian on a cane - *dun dun dunnnn* granny knows!!!

Situation 3: At the Chiropractor as the doctor takes an 'ultra sound' of my neck. The doctor mentions, "I love your hair, it reminds me of Demi Moore from Ghost". I say, "ha, thanks". OMG she is close enough to see my tracks from under my hair! This compliment is a lie!!!

These situations all occurred within the first month of my weave wearing experience.  Now I have evolved into openly scratching my head and fixing parts of my weave in public...and in front of my boss, my co-worker, the Nordstrom's Rack Sales Clerk... having little regard for what they see, what they think, or what they eventually want to say. and I kinda like it that way!

I'm happy to say I am paranoid free and more comfortable with walking around with my short do. I wish I took this 'who cares' attitude earlier - it would of saved me a lot of time deep in thought analyzing something out of nothing.

Happy Friday!