Weave =s Hair Growth!?!?

It shouldn't be all that surprising quite honestly, but I think weaves sometimes get a bad rap in the natural hair community because it is the antithesis to natural hair, but is it really? Especially if your hair is natural and cornrowed underneath the weave cap, you are still technically natural right?? What about weaves being a medium for hair growth, just like braid extensions?? That was my primary motivation for getting a weave (along with always wanting to rock a short hair cut!). Check out a photo below of the salon I went to get my weave installed and check out the results of one client who wore her hair in a weave and achieved tremendous natural hair growth!

"One year ago this clients hair was unhealthy and broken. By protecting her natural hair with a weave, DreamGirls Stylist Tonya Thompson transitioned this client out of her weave and back in to wearing her healthy and natural hair! This look is freshly out of a weave with a keratin treatment applied. Transform your hair and book now! Los Angeles: 310-313-2000 Elk Grove: 916-686-5030" DreamGirls Hair Salon, Los Angeles, CA www.dghair.com