What are some Non-Dairy Alternatives to Soy Milk?

I am tired of soy milk - my non dairy option since I could no longer stomach a glass of regular whole milk as a child. Some reasons for my tiredness?

  • More than 90% of Soy crops are genetically modified
  • In excess, it is believed that the naturally occurring Isoflavone compounds in soy, which is a type of Phytoestrogen, can possibly imbalance and overload the amount of estrogen in your body
  • Linked to hormonal imbalances, hyperthyroidism, digestive disorders and possibly cancer

Granted soy has some great benefits as well especially if consumed in fermented forms such as miso, tempeh and natto (my fav!). But I figured given that soy is already a big staple in the american diet - from being in most processed foods to being a food source for many animals that we end up consuming - I should probably find another non-dairy alternative to soy milk. So I checked out Oat milk, Quinoa milk, Hemp milk, Coconut milk and Cashew milk. 

So Delicious Unsweetened Vanilla Cashew Milk: 35 CALORIES (30 FAT), 0G SUGAR, 0G PROTEIN, 85mG SODIUM, 1G CARBS, 35% VIT D

Pacific Organic Vanilla Oat Milk: 130 calories (20 fat), 20g Sugar, 4g Protein, 110g Sodium, 25g CARBS, 25% vit d

Suzie's Quinoa vanilla unsweetened Milk: 40 CALORIES (0 FAT), 4G SUGAR, 1G PROTEIN, 70G SODIUM, 8G Carbs, VIT E 50%

Pacific Hemp Vanilla Unsweetened Milk: 70 CALORIES (45 FAT), 0G SUGAR, 3G PROTEIN, 140G SODIUM, 1G CARBS, 25% b12, 30% VIT D 

Pacific Organic Coconut Vanilla Unsweetened Milk: 50 CALORIES (40 FAT), 0G SUGAR, 0G PROTEIN, 70MG SODIUM, 2G CARBS, 30% B12, 25% viT D 

My Experience

Cashew Milk: The thickest milk by far, mimics traditionally thick soy milk and whole regular milk. Doesn't taste like cashews.

Quinoa Milk: It has a really nutty flavor! You get over it after the first sip/bite. Shake really well.

Coconut Milk: Not too thick or thin. No strong coconut taste. One of my favorites.

Oat Milk: Unnecessarily sweet and thick.

Hemp Milk: Least favorite. Separated easily even after shaking it up. Tastes fine.

Highest and lowest fat

Highest - Hemp, Lowest - Quinoa

highest and lowest protein

Highest - Oat, Lowest - Coconut, Cashew

Highest and lowest sugar

Highest - Oat, Lowest - Cashew, Coconut, Hemp

highest and lowest carbs

Highest - Oat, Lowest - Cashew, Coconut

highest and lowest sodium

Highest - Hemp, Lowest - Quinoa, Coconut

The verdict

Depending on what you are looking for in your soy milk alternative (low fat, high in protein, etc) you have a variety of options. I was looking for a great tasting milk, that didn't separate and is low in fat, hence why my choice is the Quinoa milk. A close second is Coconut or Cashew Milk.