Weave Chronicles Day 12: Crochet Braids Gogo Curl Maintenance & Upkeep

So it has been less than two weeks and I am loving my crochet braids style with the Freetress Gogo Curl! I'll be honest when I first installed it, I was kinda like this needs a few days of getting used to because it was reminding me of my lace front wig look and feeling a little synthetic/fake. I thought the problem was that it needed to be cut, layered and shaped because it was just not hanging right; but it turns out that reason for the 'offness' of it was because I had not put enough of the hair in it - especially in the back.

Before, it was kind of short, hovering in the back of my head. So it was not until a week or so later, instead of going to get it cut and shaped, I decided to just add some more strands of hair toward the nape of my neck and it made all the difference! It had more body in the back and was more natural falling. I find that I don't even need to get it shaped anymore.

In terms of maintenance, every other day I have been moisturizing with my own moisturizer concoction with an applicator bottle, followed by using some Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil that I also apply using an applicator bottle. Once or twice a week in order to maintain the luster of the hair (because it is synthetic and can get tangly and mangy looking) I add some cheap water-based moisturizer called Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing LotionI do not use that much because it could make your hair look overly shiny and greasy. I wear a regular satin bonnet cap at night and shake it out in the morning and go. So easy and breezy!