Weave Chronicles: Freetress Gogo Curl Braid #33

Crochet Braids Gogo Curl Freetress
Crochet Braids Gogo Curl Freetress

Back at it again and getting in a regular routine with my crochet braid styles, I decided to try a new color this time around that is the 'boldest' I have ever attempted (yes a lighter brown is bold for me unlike my sister who fearlessly rocks blonde crochet braids). I was only able to find this color in this style at Divatress.com.

I have worn Freetress Gogo Curl Braid before and I realized with the looser curl I liked it lighter than what I do my Freetress Bohemian Crochet Braid. This time I got the #33 which my sister uses in the Freetress Bohemian Curl style (see below photo).

Light Brown Crochet Braids

Overall the color is not bad. I remind myself of one of those ginger kids. Personally I don't think I will use this color again that is a blend between brown, red and auburn, only because I don't like to go out of my comfort zone with hair color that often.

I only did two things differently for this crochet style that I will continue doing from here on out.

1. When I combined cornrows going down the back of my head, I usually have 6-8 tails at the end. This time I braided the three tails together and the other three tails together then I crossed them underneath so it was flat against the base of my neck and I didn't have this chunk hanging to the side (my hair is pretty thick). People also crochet the tails into the cornrows but I find they slip out all the time.

2. Also, I am very sensitive to smells and particularly with the Gogo curl braid hair. It has this strong plasticy scent to it and it gives me a headache for the first day! I think it is because it is so over processed or something. This time I took the hair out of the bag and sprayed it with a mix of water and essential oils (sandlewood, lavender, ylang ylang, etc) before installing it (I let it dry before though).

The next style I am so excited to try out was introduced to me by my girl who does my cornrows, it is like this curly crochet marley hair look - reminds me of the twist-out curly set I normally do with the foam rods.